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A static web page is one that is usually designed in plain HTML format where each page displays the same content information to every visitor. It is also cost-effective way to display your information or advertise your products or services online. If you are not updating your site content or configure your products or services then static websites are quite appropriate; Static website designs are more user-friendly ,browser supported and easy to navigate.

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August 29, 2017

Static Website Design

 Professional Static Website Designing Services in Bangalore

Static website designs are mostly used for downloading brochures and images etc. When compared to the dynamic website design, designing a static website is quite simple and easy to develop; It also requires the minimum script and HTML coding. Our static website designing services start with collecting and complete analysis of client requirements and designing the suitable layout which translates your business logic into the preferred application.

At Fixx Group we create professional and high-quality static website design based on the client requirements and specifications. We incorporate our knowledge and expertise in developing high quality and world-class static website design for your business. Our highly skilled professionals, first understand the client requirements completely and their business models and profiles and develop a stunning static website design with complete satisfaction.

Being the Best Static Website Designing Company in Bangalore, we combine our expertise knowledge & skills and ensure we create stunning static website designs. Our static website packages are much affordable and provide you with the best solution for your organization growth. Also, we provide static web content along with proper optimization of high search volume keywords on your web pages which is relevant to client business. This will improve the top ranking in major search engines like google, yahoo, and bing.


 Key Features of Our Static Website Design Services in Bangalore

Fixx Group is a leading static web design and development company in Bangalore, who can develop a comprehensive and high-quality static website for your business by incorporating our expertise skills and knowledge. Our professional static website development team can understand every client requirements very clearly and deliver the product according to their needs. Following are the key features of our Static Website Design Services in Bangalore.

Provide Valuable Content with Optimized Keywords: In general, adding high-quality relevant content to your web pages helps you to grow more audience and improve organic search ranking. We at Fixx Group provide static web development services in Bangalore and deliver you the meaningful and unique content with relevant keyword optimization on your website pages. We always believe if we deliver the best content to our customers when there is the better business. Our creative static web developers in Bangalore have an intention to delight our customers with our professional content and best static website design services.

Excellent User Interface and Interactive Features: It is very important for every business owners to have unique content and effective marketing strategies in order to appear on top of search engine results. We have to design static websites in such a way that it should attract the users and induce them to take our services or buy products online. Fixx Group is a web design firm who has good expertise in static website design services in Bangalore with excellent UI/UX designs. We take care of every important aspect of the website like page speed, easy navigation, security of files and folders, unique content etc, in order to gain trust and quality factor etc.

Deliver SEO-Friendly Static Website Designs: For business promotion, SEO plays an important role and it helps to attain the business goals and objectives. It gets your website on top of search engine results and grows your business via online. Being the best static web designing company in Bangalore, We take care of SEO optimization and required steps to reach a more targeted audience along with static website development services. We do have enough knowledge and expertise skills by applying various SEO strategic ideas. Our team of Google certified professionals makes sure of top rankings on Google thus, in turn, increase your business sales and revenue.


Important Pages For Static Website Design & Development

Following are the major pages to be created for a perfect static-website from
a Business Web Design perspective:


Home Page

Home Page

Based on client requirements and proper analysis of their business, a well designed and appealing homepage website design layout is sent to them for approval. Once they approve it then we will start to construct the website. If they are any change request from the client side then we will make the necessary changes in home page design till they get satisfied.

About us/Profile

About us/Profile

This Page is all about the company information, CEO words, mission, vision, employee strength, identity, and future plans for development. Most of the clients are willing to read this about us or profile page very frequently to know more about the ownership and company details. Embedding photos and relevant content is good practice to this page always builds more trust value and boost your business sales.



Product category talks about the fields that you specialize in. These specializations are described on each page along with illustrative images which are uploaded as clickable thumbnails. A Click on any image will open a popup window with the relevant description. If you have good landing page then customers will be more interested.

Enquiry Form

Inquiry Form

For any successful business online inquiry form is the must. If the users landing on your web pages, and interested in your products or services he/she wants to communicate or enquire with you immediately. At that time they will look for the inquiry form to raise their needs or enquires so that you will get them in email format. If you respond quickly to the customer inquiries then they will be the successful business clients.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

If you wish to have a photo gallery in your site we shall make available the same to you with interactive and user-friendly features. As mentioned above, this section will have thumbnail enabled images which, when clicked open to a new descriptive window. It should be more attractive so that customers likely to visit your website  & do the desired actions.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact Us page has all the contact details about your company. Some of the users willing to take services or buy products from nearby address location since they feel comfortable to go and inquiry with them at any time. In static web design and development, we provide contact us page which includes office address, branch locations, google maps, along with inquiry form. This helps the users to find out the location and company details very easily.

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At Fixx Group, we completely understand the needs of every client and provide excellent static web designs with proper colors, layout, and coding in place. This will turn your visitors into the successful business client. Following are the reasons to choose Fixx Group for static website design services in Bangalore:

  • Having strong expertise knowledge & skills and capable of delivering high-quality static website designs and make your dream comes true.
  • We have a team of highly skilled professional website designers and developers in-house who can support you at any time for your business growth
  • Excellent proven records with our previous works and completed more than 200+ static websites and logo designs with 100% customer satisfaction
  • Utilizing the latest tools and technologies and integrate them during our static website design and development services to deliver the best results to our clients
  • Provide valuable suggestion and advice before and after the static website and ensure on-time delivery of work without any delay.
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