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Fixx Group is one of the leading SEO Company who offers best SEO Services to its customers all over the world. Our SEO Services helps your business to gain more visibility and increase ROI. Because of the rapid development and growth of the virtual platform, online business people like to strengthen their digital presence. Inorder to acquire the potential customers it is very essential for businesses to have a strong and notable online presence.If you think you provide valuable services and still lack of doing effective SEO, then you are missing out golden opportunities to maximize your revenues.

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August 29, 2017

SEO Services

Best SEO Company/Agency in Bangalore:

Fixx Group is one of the leading and Best SEO Company in Bangalore that offers affordable SEO Services to our clients globally. We offer the wide range of SEO Services in Bangalore that offers an integrated strategy for getting your website found on major search engines. Our goal is to help your business websites to rank well on search engines such as Google for the most efficient and relevant keywords for your business.

At Fixx Group we have a team of SEO experts who are highly expertise in SEO skills and knowledge. We employ ethical white hat SEO techniques designed to generate maximum impact over a period of time. Our SEO packages offer you wide range of SEO services including on-page content optimization, targeted metadata, link building, article and blog writing, directory submission, adword campaigns and social media strategy development. We are utilizing latest SEO tools and software to analyze your website health & site content and ensure that we optimize your website for best keywords that will bring significant numbers of visitors to your site.

If you are searching for top SEO companies in Bangalore, who provides complete search engine optimization (SEO) services, then you have landed at the right place. Fixx Group is a top SEO agency in Bangalore providing affordable & best SEO services. As a customer, you can feel the amazing experience and we help you to grow your business online and stay visible on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Fixx Group SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Services Process

Fixx Group SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Services Process

Why Fixxgroup SEO Services in Bangalore more Popular & Affordable?

We at Fixxgroup provide professional SEO Services in Bangalore that can help you to grow your business with proper branding and increase ROI. We stand as a premium SEO agency in Bangalore mainly focuses on the client business objectives and helps to promote their brand value and visibility on the competitive market. To deploy white hat SEO techniques and create brand visibility. Our SEO experts in Bangalore think beyond the search engines and work diligently & deliver you the best SEO results. We put our 100% commitment and dedication and focus on things that matter.

Being an affordable SEO Company in Bangalore we have the record of proven results in Google. By using inbound marketing technique we can increase your search traffic organically and make sure that any negative comments or reviews won’t affect the business growth. Our team of SEO Specialists in Bangalore can pull the negative reviews on search results by posting positive comments with effective SEO techniques. It can ideally boost your company value and brand image. SEO services won’t charge you much when compared to other paid marketing services. We at Fixxgroup offers cheap SEO packages in Bangalore and promise you the high rankings on search engine results.

How Our SEO Company in Bangalore can help improve your Digital Presence?

In general, most of the users searching on google will click on organic results rather than clicking paid results. If your business website gets into the top of search engine results via SEO, then it can bring you more traffic to the website thus increases the credibility of your business. We at Fixxgroup optimize the websites based on the SEO standards with relevant & high-quality content. It can drive more people to your website and increase more user engagement thus driving more sales and revenue. Fixx Group is one of the best SEO agency in Bangalore providing high-quality content and best SEO services after the complete analysis of competitors. We deploy your effective SEO strategies and offer cheap SEO packages in Bangalore as per the customer requirements.

Our SEO services in Bangalore includes proper optimization of meta tags which gains more visibility on google search engine results. In this modern era, there is a level of high competition as every day new websites are emerging on the internet from different industries. Therefore in order to stay ahead of your competitors, we at Fixx Group provide effective SEO solutions to your website. We also guarantee for top placements on search engine results with the help of best SEO experts in Bangalore. Als,o we focus on users who are actively engaged in different devices like desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Being the leading SEO company in Bangalore we are much dedicated towards in delivering high SEO rankings.

Why SEO Services is more important for your Business:


In Order to grow your business to higher levels, SEO plays an important role and it is an effective marketing strategy. People use to click on the websites which are ranking on the top of search engine results when they search for specific information on the internet. To get more organic traffic from search engines and increase sales to your business, SEO helps to optimize business websites more effectively.

Lead Generation:

For any online businesses, website or app is the face index and it helps to generate leads for your business. If more traffic engagement is there in your website then it is better to integrate some features in it including click to call, live chat etc.. to get more qualified leads.

Brand Visibility:

Branding is more important for any business in order to succeed and achieve the company goals. Branding defines who you are? Where you stand in the competitive market? What you stand for to the client etc.. SEO helps in branding and improve the company value and it let your targeted audience to know more about your services/ products through online.

Increase Traffic:

If you opt to SEO services for the business website then there is a high chance to drive more organic traffic to your website with proper SEO techniques in-place. When compared to other marketing plans it is more cheaper. We at Fixxgroup provide cheap SEO packages to suit your budget and we worked from small to large scale enterprises.

Increase Sales:

Through SEO we bring more traffic to websites that in turn increase your sales and revenue in the huge margin. If more people are engaged on your website then you can gain maximum profit out of the website if they are interested in buying your products or services. It is also important that you should have the relevant information on the landing pages what users except from you.


Once the users landing on your page it is the important duty for the business owners to keep engage with website more time and complete the desired action. We at Fixxgroup can advise you to optimize the pages properly so that the landing page should have necessary elements in-place that induces the user to take a desired action on your website. This will ultimately improve your conversion rate.

On-Page SEO Process:

In this on-page SEO checklist, we have listed the on-page steps where we pay more attention to deliver the best seo services to customers. Being a leading On Page SEO company in bangalore we optimize every pages based on the current standards and make sure that website gets highly ranked on search engines and drive more organic traffic. We will improve your search traffic, boost your rankings and make off-page SEO a lot easier for you.

Effective Content Copywriting:

In Order to rank higher on Google search results then we should have unique and informative content on our web pages. There is no point in adding a lot of content stuff on the web pages and it ends up in loss of interest among the users. Our highly skilled SEO consultants in bangalore provide you best and effective content copywriting.

Proper Landing Page Optimization:

If the users visit your web page via search engines then it is not good that they leave immediately as soon as they landed. We at fixxgroup optimize the web page in such a way that it can attract the targeted audience and spent more time reading the stuff on the web page. This can improve the bounce rate of your website and gives you ranking on top of search results.

Adding focused Keywords on Web pages:

In on-page optimization steps, it is very important to keep your targeted keyword on URL, and H1 tag. We at fixxgroup are well aware of the keyword optimization in URL and the content. We ensure that the primary keywords are placed in URL, H1, image alt tags and in the body of the content. Also we also target/add secondary keywords in H2, H3, Content sections, and other significant points.

Keyword Density in Right Proportion:

Whenever we add the keywords on the web page we maintain the right keyword density and it should be around 1.5% along with the blend of LSI keywords. This is more vital in terms of ranking in one-page SEO. We use to add the primarily focused keywords in the first and last paragraphs which is more effective when it comes to search engine ranking. We also don’t repeat the keywords again and again & show the keyword variation in the content by using LSI keywords.

Unique Title & Meta Description:

We follow strict SEO guidelines and practice to write Unique title and description for all the web pages. We can embed the targeted keywords in both title and meta description in order to inform google that what is the page is about. We write relevant, useful and more engaging meta values based on the web page post. With our effective title and description, we help  to grab attention of the users when they browse any information through search engines and drive more traffic to your website.

Proper Image Optimization:

It is equally important to optimize the images on your web page. Our team of SEO consultants/experts  in bangalore will enhance and optimize the images with proper SEO techniques and helps you to drive more traffic from image searches on search engines. You can also add the primary and secondary keywords in image alt and title tags just like optimizing it in content and headings. It also build brand value for your business and drive more organic traffic to your business websites.

Maintain web page Content Length: If you have lesser information or word count on your blog post/ web page then it wont meet the expectations on search engines. Because search engines always rank the websites which are giving enough information to the users about the topic what they are searching for. If you competitors have more information than you then you will not attain high search ranking. So here we cross check the web pages and make sure that it should contain at least 500 words of content length.

Inbound & Outbound Linking: In On-page optimization steps it will be more effective if you provide internal and external linking on the web pages. If you interlink to your other web pages in the website then it helps the search engines to go and crawl the web pages that are interlinked to each other. Also this helps to make users to spend more time within your website that ideally improve your bounce rate and high ranking on search engines. We always promise to deliver the best Seo services in Bangalore.

Off-Page SEO:

As the name suggests, off page optimization is an activity which SEO professionals do outside the website in order to drive more organic ranking and results. Off-page optimization steps are nothing but the google perception of users about your website. If you build high quality backlinks to your web pages from high authority websites, then it gives the impression to search engines that your website is more informative, engaging and having promising content. As a top SEO agency in bangalore, we offer you the best SEO services in bangalore and proud to be leader in SEO industry. It is important to have the engaging content and relevant linking when your promote your website through off-page optimization steps. Below we have listed some of the off-page techniques we follow:

Link Baiting: Link baiting is a effective off-page technique for promoting your website. If you have quality web content then there is a high chance that people are likely interested to link to your web pages. We follow this link baiting method and always keep the reference site link at the time of publishing.

Search Engine Submission: If you have fresh and new website with unique & relevant information and really want to promote it online, we help you to submit your website to search engines. This will eventually help search engines to save your website in its database and rank you well on search engine results. To speed the crawling and indexing, we submit to all popular search engines.

Forum Marketing: Forum is the best place to promote your website links where more people are engaged. Based on your niche, we find relevant forums and discussion threads, and keep promoting your web page links that can boost your search engine rankings. We embed your links in signature, post advice, replying to threads and raising any queries. It builds more trust and brand value among the users.

Effective Blog Posting: Blog posting is also one of the effective way in off-page optimization steps for promoting the products or services online. If you write high quality unique blog content consistently then there is a high chance that you will increase the number of returning visitors to your website. Once people liked your blog contents then they will come again and again & check for latest blog posts. This will increase your traffic and in turn improve your brand values.

Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking sites are extremely useful in promoting your web links for off-page optimization. If you have good content on your website then copy paste the links and submit to high page rank social bookmarking sites to keep engage with more users. But we should not overdo the same practice again and again and maintain the quality of backlinks at any cost. Search engines consider these high PR social bookmarking sites as authority sites since it is regularly updated.

Local Listing submission: In addition to search engine optimization technique, we also submit your website links in popular local directories and listings that exactly matches your website niche. It will be great idea and effective technique to add your business to local listings. In this case there is an opportunity to list your business website on both organic search results and local listing directories.


Fixxgroup SEO Strategies to improve Organic Results:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process where you can get more benefits in terms of traffic and business sales. If you want to achieve best seo results then you need to seo consultant or hire a seo company for promoting your business. Because it involves lot of strategic ideas and  contemporary methods as the technology changes rapidly in a fast pace and algorithmic updates rolling out frequently by search engines like google. Fixxgroup is one of the best seo company in bangalore who can do proper and advanced SEO strategies on your website to maintain high rankings on search engines. Following are the SEO strategies we follow to improve the organic search results.

Switching From HTTP to HTTPS: We recommend clients to switch the website from http to https version as it is more secure and ensures more protection among the hackers. Https version websites are mostly liked by search engines like google, yahoo , bing and helps you to get top rankings on search engine results.

Targeting Long Tail Keywords: In addition to the conventional keywords we can also few tail keywords on your web pages related to business products or services. These long tail keywords helps you in improving the conversion rate since these keywords are of less competition.

Focus on User-Experience: When it comes to traffic and conversion, user-experience plays an important role. Your website should be more user-friendly so that the visitors on your landing page stay on your website for long time and perform desired call-to-actions. Being one of the top most seo companies in bangalore we always have an eye on it.

High Quality Backlinking: Backlinks helps the search engines to understand more about your website content more deeply and it ranks your website high on search engines. We usually build high quality backlinks rather than the quantity that improve your organic search traffic enormously.

Ensure Mobile-Friendliness: Nowadays because of the advancement in technologies, most of the people search any information on mobile devices more. So we optimize your web pages for modern mobile SEO techniques in order to rank higher on mobile search results.

Dominate Search Engines with the Help of Top SEO Agency in Bangalore:

Fixxgroup is a top SEO agency in Bangalore who can pride ourselves on the best seo results what we deliver to our clients. We provide high quality and top seo services in bangalore that helps our customer to grow in their business online drastically. We always stick to our planned approach designed by our seo consultants in bangalore to offer clients the best seo results, improve brand visibility and thus increasing their business sales and revenue. We would like our clients to stay on top of search engine results and we work diligently to make that happen. Following are the features we offer to our customers with SEO packages

Fixxgroup provides different types of SEO packages based on the customer budget and expectations. With full customer support in each of our SEO plans, we put our efforts and deliver the expected results within stipulated time frame.

Provide a Monthly SEO Report and action plan. Our Monthly SEO reports includes status of search engine rankings, SEO activities we have done, Google analytics traffic report and some improvising suggestions to get the desired website ranking.

  • Based on the requirements of client and their business model we write unique and promising contents to targeted audience. Keeping the business motto in mind, we use to create content for sources like blogging, vlogging, product videos, podcasts and infographics etc.
  • We can target both local and international markets and dominate the search engines with our unique SEO services.
  • We have in-house expertised SEO professionals who can provide best Seo services in bangalore that includes content, PR, analytics, SEO and much more. We have worked with several clients and attained the best results.
  • For each and every SEO projects we highlight our client individuality and attain the client’s business growth by incorporating creative & innovative ideas and use of transparent white hat SEO techniques.
  • We don’t have any contract plans and provide different range of services with high quality and results-oriented outputs
  • In Order to maintain the visibility on top of the search engine results we quickly respond, adapt, and change strategies in the website whenever there is any google algorithm updates rolls out.

Reasons to Choose Fixxgroup SEO Services in Bangalore:

Fixxgroup is a trusted and expertise SEO company  who provides best seo services in bangalore at affordable rates. We do have strong expertise of getting your website placed in the top of search engine results. Following are the reasons to choose fixxgroup for seo services in bangalore:

  • Being a full-service ethical SEO company in bangalore we provide comprehensive seo results to our clients.
  • We always trust on our ability & SEO skills, and ensure that we will deliver the results on-time that can drive more organic traffic to your website.
  • We don’t have any long-term contracts as such but we do have affordable SEO packages that best suit your budget and goals
  • Fixxgroup have an in-house team of highly skilled professionals who are capable of provide best seo services in bangalore
  • We provide valuable support and maintenance throughout the SEO Process and maintain healthy relationship with clients
  • We at fixxgroup offers best SEO results to our esteemed clients  by providing high-quality and most affordable services.