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PPC Advertising enables businesses to create ads that appear on search engine like google and other related properties. This system allows winning advertisers to reach potential customers at a cost that fits their budget. It gives you the opportunity to pay for top positions on search engines and appear on relevant partner websites. PPC Services helps you to get relevant traffic and you need an experienced PPC Company who can change your traffic stats in just few hours or in a day after launching PPC campaign. PPC services can target your audience and improve your ads performance. It’s good for searchers, good for search engines, and good for business!

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August 29, 2017

PPC Marketing

Fixx Group PPC Services


Search Advertising

Search Advertising

This is one of the crucial ad channels that will drive leads and revenue for your business. So, it involves three vital steps- keyword mapping, bidding and ad designing. We at Fixx Group take care of search advertising and display your website on top of search engine results and increase your ROI.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

In this type of ad networks, we at fixx group can advertise your ads via google display networks to reach your targeted audience. This is one of the largest ad networks and in fact cost-effective strategy to reach millions of our customers. We work effectively on Google Display Network and ensure that we can place your ads on multiple sites across the Internet reaching customers and potential customers as they browse and search.



It is a smart move to reach up to the users who have already visited your website earlier. It acts as a reminder for those users, who gets encouraged to return to the website. Remarketing gives your visitors a cookie, and following that cookie around the web allows you to target them with advertising that reaches them as they browse other websites. Working with professional PPC company like us helps you to do effectie remarketing campaign and bring those browsers back to your site to complete a transaction.

Key benefits of Hiring PPC Company

Following are the key benefits of hiring PPC Company:

Keep Up With
Constant Changes
100% Focus on
the PPC Campaign

Key benefits of Hiring PPC Company

Take Advantage
of an Entire Team

Fixx Group PPC Process

Target Products/Services

Identify the client business goals, requirements and their products and services.

Types of ad to use

We will identify which types of ads is most suitable for your business and budget and design ads in order to create a higher conversion rate.

Campaign Structures

Based on the overall campaign goals we’ll lay-out the best campaign structure to offer budget flexibility and sound reporting and back-end controls.

Goal Creation

Once the tracking code is ready we need to be sure to track through goal creations the conversions and even partial conversions.

Analysis and Meetings

We carefully analyze your reports and then meet with you to review our findings and make recommendations for any changes.

Target Markets

Identify the target audience and set the demographic locations in google adwords account.

Landing page review

We carefully review the landing pages to be sure they tie into the keywords and the ads to achieve a high conversion rate.

Phone calls

We find many of the campaigns we run for clients generate phone calls. We’ll work with you to decide the best way to integrate this into your campaigns…and track them.


We continually optimize campaigns for best campaigns, adgroups, keywords, ads and placements.


Identifying what type of message should attract your targeted audience.

Keyword research

Methodically we’ll research and discover the best keywords and match-types to use for each campaign.


Tracking is critical. To optimize towards the best ROI for your PPC campaign we’ll work with you to have tracking ready before the campaign launches.


Since you are important, so is the reporting we create for you. Our reporting is customizable to meet your needs.

Why to Choose Fixx Group For Email marketing Services?

Advantages of Outsourcing PPC
services to Fixx Group

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Pace to Market
  • Increased Visibility
  • Geographically targeted ads
  • Maximized ROI
  • 100% transparency with ownership of data
  • High Expertise in managing and optimizing PPC campaigns.
  • Google Partner and Bing Accredited Agency with access to specialist training.

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