OCR (Opticals Character Recognition) Services



Nowadays most of the organizations avoid using paper for documentation and they make way for digitization. Fixx Group Optical character Recognition or OCR Services helps organizations to reduce paper costs significantly. We offer reliable and high quality OCR Services by using latest image enhancement technologies and image acquisition.

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September 6, 2017

OCR Services


Fixx Group OCR Services

Following are the OCR Services offered by Fixx Group Professionals.

OCR Cleanup Services
OCR Cleanup Services

Once the OCR Process is completed, OCR cleanup services can be used. This OCR Services helps to eliminate the loss of data and retrieving missing data. Our OCR services ensure that there wont be any errors which is caused by misread characters and helps in achieving the accuracy levels more than 99%.

Maximum conversion levels of all local advertising channels
 Conversion of all local advertising channels

When compared to traditional advertising option, local direct marketing has higher conversion rates. Spend your promoting cash where it makes a difference.From some of the directories, it is possible to get 50% Conversion out of the business enquiries [i.e.] Converting 1 among the 2 leads into a actual customer.

Document Scanning Services
Document Scanning Services

Fixx Group Document & image scanning services helps to scan several type of documents and it also includes manual and automatic indexing and archiving functions, image de-skewing, full-text OCR indexing, double data capture, setting up a Full-color and black & white scanning and much more.

OCR Services Professionals and Tools
OCR Services Professionals and Tools

 At Fixx Group we employ professional tools and trained personal in OCR services.For higher resolution and faster scanning our infrastructure involves automatic feeders, and specialised scanners. Depending on the document management system all the images are stored and convert into required format.


Why outsource scanning and OCR services to Fixx Group:

Following are the benefits of Outsourcing OCR Services to Fixx Group:

  • Utilization of Latest Tools and Technologies.
  • Through our document scanning services you can save your time and cost.
  • Packed with team of highly experienced professionals who are expertise in document scanning and OCR Projects.
  • Experienced QA team to analyze the accuracy of the scanned files.
  • Delivery of Project Files through FTP Server
  • Fast and Quick Turn-around time
  • Round-the-clock customer support and transparent communication
Why outsource scanning and OCR Services to Fixx Group?

When you outsource OCR Services to Fixx Group then we will ensure that there is 100% data security and privacy. At Data Outsourcing India, We follow strict guidelines and policies to protect your documents from any misuse. We utilize technology-driven protection devices, and provide you document security and information privacy.