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Fixx Group is one of the leading Magento Website Design and Development company in, India. We are expertise in creating magento sites and providing the Multivendor setup for Magento sites. We are the Top most website creating company based out of india who creates professional and high quality magento websites with multivendor setup inplace. If you are looking to develop a magento from professional hands then you have landed at the right place.

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August 29, 2017

Magento Multi-Vendor Setup

Best Magento Multi-Vendor Website Design and Development Company in Bangalore

Fixx Group is one of the Professionals and Best Magento Website Design and Development company in Bangalore, India. We are experts in creating Magento sites and providing the Multi-Vendor setup for Magento sites. We are the Top most website creating company based out of India who creates professional and high-quality Magento websites with Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development in place. If you are looking to develop a Magento from professional hands then you have landed at the right place.

Multi-Vendor Magento Site Creation is basically used for business to business purposes; Like ours, business and business provider use to tie up with their clients for developing professional Magento websites with the integration of multi-vendor setup and other features. In the Multi-Vendor website, we have a Magento E-commerce and the one module for the Multi-vendor and we create for the user.

With the help of out in-house Magento experts, we at Fixxgroup develop high-quality Multi-vendor marketplace extension that can help you to set up the infrastructure for external merchants based on the client requirements. We also allow you to create vendor accounts on your Magento store. As a website owner, you can easily create, manage and track orders by uploading products onto your Magento Marketplace.

Benefits of Magento Marketplace Store

Store Owners:

Magento marketplace store helps the store owners to earn more money in the form of commission on sales. Also if they have the number of sellers and products uploaded to their store then there is more chance that they will rank high on search engine results and in turn improve site traffic.


Customers can be benefited more if they have multiple shopping options at a single online store. Using smart shopping, they can easily compare the product specifications and prices. This saves customers valuable time, effort, money a lot.


If vendors opt to join in a ready-made marketplace they can save their time and effort in selling the products online. They don’t need to create a new e-commerce online store for their business. Also, it gives the authority to vendors with mobile connectivity as marketplaces run on mobile.


B2B Magento Ecommerce Solutions

Why Magento For Marketplace Development?

  • It is very easy to convert the Magento e-commerce store into a Marketplace
  • Allows the vendor for easy registration, and upload & sell their products to the store.
  • Provides an option for store owners to manage all the products completely with the help of merchant panel.
  • Through vendor commission, it enables the store owner to earn more amount of money.
  • Easy to showcase different types of products, brands, and suppliers.
  • Enables sellers to manage inventory, orders, shipping, and sales
  • Offers the store owners and vendors to manage their dashboard separately.
  • Helps to integrate the various type of Payment Gateway Integration options and product types.
  • Allow Customers to compare the products before buying anything on the store.
  • Provides responsive and user-friendly vendor panel. Also, we provide comprehensive support for both B2B as well as B2C transactions.


Why Choose us for Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development Services in Bangalore?

  • Based on your requirements you can compare the products easily and sort the pricing. Also, the Pricing Models are more affordable
  • Provides you more opportunity to expand, Clear structure and collaborative shopping and ensure that Healthy customer Relationship in a long-term basis
  • For Orders status updates of customer and sellers, we enable you for advanced filter options available.
  • Through an additional channel, we can increase brand awareness
  • Simplifies Enrollments and user entries. With the help of Social Media, you can reach out to the wider range of audience
  • Even while on vacation, you can able to set the sales channel in offline mode. It is Very Easy to Set national and international shipping costs for each product
  • For Sellers and Marketplace operators, we provide Hassle-free options for product management system. If there are any updates/changes, then we will inform your sellers and customers informed about it.
  • Integrated live updates on progress, possessions, and payment
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