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Every online business owners want to boost their sales with user-friendly and eye-catching websites. Magento Ecommerce website helps them to achieve this, and it is a top secret behind the success and achievement of various online businesses all over the world. If you are looking for reliable outsourcing partner for magento development services then you have landed at the right place; We provide high quality & affordable magento website design and development to our customers globally.We at Fixx Group always give importance to client requirements, their business objective and goals.And only after the clear & proper understanding of it, we wont start the work;We make our clients part of development process by regularly getting their ideas and suggestions and satisfying all their requirements.

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August 29, 2017

Magento Development

Fixx Group – A Leading Magento Website Development Company

We at Fixx Group always give importance to client requirements, their business objective and goals. and only after the clear & proper understanding of it, we wont start the work; We make our clients part of development process by regularly getting their ideas and suggestions and satisfying all their requirements.

For Ecommerce business, generally there should be regular changes in the websites such as updation of new functionality, products and other aspects. If you work with fix group, then no need to worry about these changes and their website; We at fix group always keen and update the website with latest magento upgrades.

Fixx Group develops customized magento and third party extensions that provide scalability and flexibility and grab the attention of potential buyers. Our Magento Ecommerce Development helps you to sell more products and grow your reach. We offer flexible engagement models for our Magento eCommerce Development services to clients and deliver solutions that adhere to the highest international standards in terms of quality and performance.

At Fixx Group, We have skilful designers and talented Magento ecommerce developers who can provide great vision into reality beginning from conversion to the final touch-up. We provide satisfying Magento eCommerce Development that can be termed as the heart of many online store successes.

Magento Website Development

Fixx Group Magento web development services

Being an acclaimed Magento web development service provider, we offer a wide array of Magento services.

Magento Website Development

Outsource your ecommerce website development services to fix group and get more professional and great e-commerce websites with fully functional.

Custom Magento Development

Being one of the trusted and affordable service provider, we offer high-performance magento development services.

Responsive Magento Website

Allow your mobile users to view your ecommerce store using our responsive magento development that helps you to serve better on mobile devices.

Magento Module Development

To stand out from your competitors, We develop custom modules for magento online store front.

Magento Theme Development

Give a Bright shine to your business by our custom theme development for ecommerce websites at affordable costs.

Support & Maintenance

Hire us & get best Support & Maintenance for your ecommerce online store from our experts.

Custom Ecommerce Solutions

We at fixxgroup incorporate all the client requirements precisely and build custom e-commerce solutions for your business.

Magento Shopping Cart Development

We develop magento shopping cart functionality with smooth checkout and payment process without any troubles.

Custom Extension Development

We will turn your e-commerce website into a feature-packed portal with custom extension development.

Advantages of Outsourcing Magento Ecommerce
Development Services to Fixx Group

Magento Website Developement

Highly experienced team to
work dedicatedly on your project

Proper communication throughout
the project development

Flexible hiring
options and models

Maintain high
confidentiality and security

24 x 7 technical
support and maintenance

100% transparency, through-out project

Why Choose Magento For Your Ecommerce Store?

Why Choose Magento For Your
Ecommerce Store?

Flexible Framework

Most of the web developers use Magento because of its flexible framework. It allows them to install new and advances methodologies. This feature provides the hassle-free customization of shopping carts, products and more.

SEO Friendly

No matter how well designed website do you have, unless and until it gets top ranking in the search engine result pages. Magento has in-built SEO features that help in getting top ranking in SERPs. You don’t need to do more effort to get top ranking on Google or any other search engines when your website is developed on Magento platform.


Most of the people nowadays use Smartphone and other mobile computing devices to search information on web. Hence, it is very important that your website comprises of responsive design. The search engine giant Google launched Mobile-friendly update this year to give top ranking to responsive sites in its mobile search results.


Most people don't intend for their e-commerce shop to stay the same size. The aim is always to grow the customer base, process more orders, pull in more traffic. But not every system grows micely or smoothly as your store increases in size. Magento is built to scale, and it does so brilliantly. You can start with a single server, and expand as you need to - another web server here, a load balancer there, and without any need to rewrite code or plan for hours or days of downtime.

Rich in Features

Magento includes a bewildering array of features out of the box, from an extensive access control system to email template management, content page editing, multiple currencies, tax zones, customer grouping and group discounts, flexible special offer pricing and a huge collection of payment providers, shipping methods and an extensive API. And what it doesn't support out of the box can be added through the excellent Magento Connect extension marketplace.

Our Magento Ecommerce Features

Report & Analytics

This feature allows you to know about the detailed
status of sales growth, traffic rate, etc.

Custom Payment Options

Customized payment and shipping modules to suit
your needs.

User friendly Template

Easy navigation for excellent purchase experience

Easy One page checkout

Easy and hassle-free One-page Checkout process

HD product images

High, superior quality product images for your

Seamless integration

It is entirely integral with existing business processes
in industry.

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