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Linux Hosting is one of the Web Hosting service in which most of the companies prefer to use Linux Operating system in order to provide web hosting services. As Linux Hosting is more secure and very effective, most of them likely to host their websites on linux hosting servers. Any and every operation you perform on a Linux server can be trivially automated by copying the commands you ran into a text file. Having Linux Web hosting, majority of the website hosts provide unlimited databases, domains, and email addresses. With this option, based on the purchased plans, you are allowed to create unlimited databases, email addresses and domains etc. within limit of the disk space.

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August 29, 2017

Linux Hosting

Advantages of Choosing Linux Web Hosting Servers

Below are a few advantages of choosing Linux web hosting servers:

Reliable Support
Reliable Support

If you choose Linux Hosting, then it ensures 100% guarantee on the security and dependability. Whatever platform you choose for your web, you will be relieved from all security threats if you opt for Linux hosting services.ost of the web hosting firms provide fully managed services on Linux servers and ensure that security is maintained and they can update the hardware or software regularly.

Consistent System Updates
Consistent System Updates

Web Developers can do any sort of improvements and patch any holes within the system since Linux hosting servers are completely open source platform. Since it is open source, the servers use to run seamlessly, and most of the web developers prefer to have Linux web hosting.

High Performance & Seamless
High Performance & Seamless

When Compared to Windows hosting, Linux Hosting Servers are more stable and reliable and easy to use. Reliable and affordable Linux hosting servers provide 99.9% uptime for customers and also it has the capacity to handle large volumes of applications. It also supports any kind of databases or scripting language such as Perl script, PHP, and MySQL etc.

Cost-Effective Solution
Cost-Effective Solution

In Order to get started Linux web hosting, you don’t need to pay any licensing fee as it is a FREE and open source. The cost of buying Linux servers are very affordable than Windows Web Hosting Service and this is the reason why most of them prefer it. Linux hosting supports the wide range of applications WordPress, Joomla, and other open source tools.

Benefits of Web Portal Development Services from Fixx Group

Fixx Group Linux Hosting plans in Bangalore includes:

  • Cpanel: Fixx Group provides user-friendly control Plesk panel which makes users to access all the hosting features and settings very easily.
  • Cloud Linux: Ensure that we keep and maintain your site online with truly balanced CPU, RAM, and Disk IO limits
  • CageFs: Provide 24*7 support and protect your web content with its virtualized file system
  • Free Applications: More than Free 150 Applications we provide so that you can install on your website.


Why Choose Fixx Group For Linux Web hosting?

Following are the main reasons why you need to choose Fixx Group as your Linux web hosting partner.

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