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Fixx Group is one of the leading and reputed electronic publication service provider based out of india. We provided E-pub services to different clients such as writers, universities, libraries, and publishers across the globe. We have a strong expertise and capability to handle ePub conversion, Book to eBook Conversion or any kind of ePub Conversion based on the client requirements. With the help of expert team we convert any kind of digitize printed material into different eBook formats and provide comprehensive formatting conversion services.

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September 6, 2017

ePub Services

Fixx Group Key Services Offering

EPUB Conversion Services
EPUB Conversion Services

We provide high quality and Comprehensive ePub Conversions for HTML to PDF,PDF to ePub and mobi to ePub.

EBook Conversion Services
EBook Conversion Services

We can create e-book in any digital format-such as Nook, iPhone, iPad, EPUB, Adobe Digital Editions, Mobipocket (.prc) or Kindle (.mobi).

Kindle Conversion Services
Kindle Conversion Services

Our expert ePub conversions for Kindle and Mob pocket can convert any type of hard copy format into a mobile or PC compatible format that is free from irregular formatting and faulty page numbers.

Comprehensive Digital Services
Comprehensive Digital Services

We offer comprehensive data conversion solutions for authors, publishers, universities, libraries, corporations and technology companies. From copy editing, to proofing and ePub conversions of books, periodicals, journals and magazines, we are one-stop destination for any type of service that your e-book needs.

Fixx Group ePub Process Flow

Following are the process we following ePub Conversion Services:

  1. First we will receive the files to convert into ePub from client through FTP.
  2. Our experts manually conduct the ePub conversions such as, html to PDF or mobi to ePub. This ensures exact formatting and zero errors.
  3. At this step we will ensure that all the client inputs are executed and final QC will be done. Finally , we will upload the completed ePub files via secure FTP.

Benefits of Outsourcing ePub Services to Fixx Group

There are many advantages of outsourcing your ePub solutions to Fixx Group, here are few:

  • High Expertise in Video Editing Services.
  • 10+ Years of Experience in video editing industry.
  • High Accuracy.
  • Precise fixed layout services.
  • Interactive and media-rich content.
  • Capability across file conversions.
  • Flexibility and value-add ePub Services.

Why Choose us for Epub
Conversion Services?

  • 100% Work accuracy
  • Cost-Effective Solutions.
  • Delivery of work within quick turn-around time.
  • Stringent data security policy and NDA agreements for each and every project.
  • Scalable and customized process for each project.
  • Highly Skilled Professionals expertise in Epub Conversion Services.
  • Utilization of Latest tools and Technologies.
  • 24*7 customers Support Service.
Why Choose us for Epub Conversion Services?

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